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"I have worked professionally with Emily for over 10 years.  She really understands Dog Behavior, how Dogs interact with each other and how people interact with dogs.  She is at the top of my list!"  -- Sergeant William Herndon, San Francisco Police Dept.



Jane M. (Fresno CA) Scully (6) and Annie (3) came to me several years ago from a rescue facility.  They were pretty well set in their ways...THEIR WAYS!!!!  We have just finished training with Emily Scott, THE AMAZING!  When she arrives at your home, Emily looks like a normal person, but by the end of the first session, she is looking more like she should be wearing a magician's cape because what she can do with a puppy is magic!

Both dogs had specific behaviors I wanted to have addressed during the training sessions.  Emily was patient, loving, consistent and firm.  I never saw her come close to a reprimand or punishment.  She explained what she was doing with the dog, why she was doing it, demonstrated it and handed me the leash!   In the beginning, I tried so hard to make my dogs be perfect....and failed ever time.  What I finally got, at the end of MY training, was that it is a process; a process that takes time.  The dogs have been "practicing" those less than desirable behaviors for a long time and the time for them to unlearn them and substitute appropriate behaviors takes time too.  I learned to be more assertive in training and to expect the behavior I wanted and how to help them get there.  They don't have to be perfect dogs.  Someday they will be closer, but I let myself off the hook that it had to be this week.

Emily is a professional in every sense of the word.  She conducts herself and her training in ways respectful to the owner and to the dog.   People ask my why I never trained the dogs I know the answer...I was waiting for Emily Scott to appear in my life. She is EXACTLY who I wanted and needed to train my "household" in appropriate dog manners and how to get there.

Thank you Emily, from Scully and Annie and especially from me!  Looking for a dog trainer that leaves the others in the dust?  Check the yellow pages under "M" for Magicians!



Steve A. (Reedley CA):  Emily is the best of the best!.  We were having major control problems with Abby, our Mini Australian Shepherd (actually Abby was controlling us, not the other way around) and Emily showed us how to take the lead, turning what could have become a bad, obnoxious dog that kept our friends and family away from the house, into an obedient dog and a friendly part of our family.  Our kids and grandkids can visit us now without worry.  We take Abby on long walks now whereas before Abby would take us on walks.  If you are thinking about hiring a dog trainer for whatever purpose, then Emily is the one for you and your dog.  Truly a miracle worker.
Steve and Rachel A.



Larry A. (Fresno CA): We are so grateful for the training Emily Scott is doing with our German Shepard pup Buster.  He was about 12 weeks old when she started with us to train Buster. This is our first time to ever have help training one of our dogs. Emily in my estimation in like a Dog Whisper! She is great with uneducated owners like us as well. We have learned so much and Emily is giving us the confidence to know that Buster will be truly socialized and that we are in control. So I highly recommend Emily for helping in the training of your new puppies.
As she told us the early the better and all the training she has done will have even more benefits in the future as Buster matures.
Thanks Emily you are the best.----Larry and Stephanie Smallie



Marsha E. (Fresno CA):  We adopt dogs with physical disabilities, which more often than not manifest into emotional dysfunction.  Our latest crew of five did not get along - that is until we hired Emily to help train them (and especially US!).  At the first meeting, she diagnosed many of their problems just by observation - problems we would never have been able to see.  She has given us a system for dealing with each of them.  And it works!! Our dogs love her so much that they LOVE being 'trained.'  We are still a work in progress, but cannot thank Emily enough for all of her training techniques so far!!



Cindy V. (Fresno CA): Emily has helped our family so much! Our Golden Retriever was having problems with leash aggression and I found myself leaving him at home more and more so I didn't have to deal with the problem. Once I contacted Emily she quickly analyzed the problem and explained how we'd fix it. In the last month I've gone so many places with my dog that I thought I'd never be able to take him. By the dog's 12--so don't give up even if your dog's older. Emily gave me the confidence to change my dog's behavior and was encouraging and knowledgeable!! I can't recommend her enough!!



Michelle S. (Fresno CA):  Emily is the true dog whisperer.  I have never seen more compassion or dedication to ensuring a truly special bond with your dog.  I have so much faith in Emily, I wish I could hire her on as my own personal dog trainer every day.  I noticed changes in my dogs’ behavior within one session and most importantly my dogs are happy.  She is one of the most knowledgeable people I know and truly loves her craft.  She is absolutely amazing.



Chris T. (Madera CA):  We just completed a 7 week puppy course for our Standard Poodle puppy, Cassie.  Cassie loved her training sessions with Emily and we did too!  Emily is excellent in her profession and trained us right along with Cassie so we will be able to reinforce the proper behaviors as she grows.  In several months we plan to sign up for further training with Emily so Cassie will be the very best dog she can be. We feel so fortunate to have worked with Emily and highly recommend her.  For first time puppy owners I would even recommend having Emily start a puppy training program the day your puppy comes to live with you.



Patty F. (Clovis CA):  We just completed a seven week puppy training of our Boxer.  Emily was so informative, accommodating with our schedule, friendly with us and our dogs, and canine educated.  We could not have asked for a better dog trainer.  Our Boxer, Joe took to Emily's training very quickly.  We appreciate her humane, non-aggressive training program.  We would highly recommend Emily!



Mike B. (Fresno CA): We have just completed a 7 session block with Emily for our 15 month old female German Shepherd.  She has had previous training but needs help in impulse control.  Emily has done wonders with her and has helped us to understand how to handle her better.  We are going to continue our relationship with Emily until we have our girl right where she should be.