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Puppy Training and Socialization

Emily Scott offers the premier puppy training and socialization program in the San Joaquin Valley!  Unlike other puppy programs that do 'group' training and play groups where the owner is not allowed to watch, Emily Scott's program includes 5 private training sessions in your home as well as safe, supervised weekly play group socialization for puppies from ages of 8 weeks to 1 yr.  You will even be allowed to participate in the play group sessions and learn how to manage your pup around other puppies.  This comprehensive puppy program includes instruction in the following area:

·       Socialization with other puppies and well socialized adult dogs

·       Teaching Bite Inhibition

·       House Training (House Breaking)

·       Tethering Basics

·       ‘Give’ training (Giving up toys and items)

·       ‘Leave it’ training (ignoring items on the ground)

·       Body Handling

·       Clicker Training

·       Sit

·       Down

·       Stay

·       Come

·       Go to your place

·       Targeting

·       Loose Leash Walking

·       Quiet behavior

·       Calm behavior around people (no jumping)


Please call for more information and for pricing:   559-797-434




Puppy Training session (8 week old puppy)  6/15:

Puppy Socialization Session 7/2015:

Puppy Socialization Session 7/26/15: