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We invite our dogs to come and share our lives with us.  We are solely responsible for their care and well-being.   Dog’s have basic needs---feeding, watering, grooming, exercising and play time.  Most dog owners provide their dog with the basics.  Many dog owners provide too much of one thing and not enough of the other (example:  feeding too much, but not giving enough exercise).  It is critical to know what your personal dog NEEDS to live and thrive, and behave in the manner you want.  

Dogs thrive on a consistent routine, dedicated daily exercise and attention---regardless of the size or breed of dog.  Some dogs need more exercise and attention than others.   Dogs are, by nature, curious and social animals.  They need stimulation.  We must provide the lion’s share of it all. 

Loving a dog by pampering them may increase the chance of health and behavior problems. Dogs are dogs, not humans.  Most dogs LOVE food and 40% of dog owners habitually overfeed their dogs so the dogs are obese.  Obesity shortens a dog’s life by 3-4 years.  Obesity in dogs causes pre-mature arthritis, diabetes and cancer.  We can be better care-givers to these wonderful animals.