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 Canine Enrichment Services (Helping your sequestered dog live a more interesting, fun life) 


1.    Contact us at 559-797-4343 Fill out a questionnaire over the phone

or via email

2.    Emily Simone will provide a free phone consultation regarding the

issues you are having 

3.    Emily will arrange a direct in-home assessment to evaluate your

dog's home environment and sequester routine 

4.    Emily will develop and Individual Action Plan (IAP) with emphasis on

canine enrichment program to alleviate boredom and

      problem behavior issues due to being left alone.  Family will be included in the IAP program implementation.

5.    As a part of service, Emily will provide follow up phone call and/or

direct visit(s) to ensure progression of IAP.


DVD Presentation:  The Wonderful World of Canine Enrichment

This is a MUST HAVE, informative 45 minute video which will greatly benefit dog trainers, pet dog owners and pet care professionals.  This never-seen-before presentation provides unique tips and advice for providing dogs with enrichment techniques, to prevent unwanted behavior problems such as destructive chewing, barking and separation anxiety.   Price $49.95 + S&H.    Call for more information!