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Kyjen Paw Flapper - Puzzle Toy Price $18.00
Manners Minder Remote Training Device Price: $120.00
   TT  TtttteateadjoTreatstik Enrichment toy: TTreatstik Enrichment toy: TterTtreatstick Treatstik Enrichment toy: Treatstik Enrichment Toy Price:             Sm: $13.00    Lg: $16.00
  Kyjen Treat Wheel Puzzle Toy  Price $17.00
  Kyjen Tail Teaser Chase Toy Price:  $16.00
Premier Busy Buddy 'Squirrel Dude" Treat Toy  Price: Sm: $8.00 Med: $10.00      LG: $15.00 
Our Pets Buster Food Cube Price:            Small:  $15.00   Large: $17.00
Aikiou Slow Feed Bowl Price:  $30.00
Aikiou Junior Slow Feed Bowl Price:$20.00  
Training Clicker with strap Price: $5.00
Green Slow Feeder Price: $30.00
IQ Treat Ball Size Large & Small


Large $10.00

Small:  $13.00





DVD Video:  Secrets of Dog Behavior and Training Tips 


This unique, 60 minute live presentation by Emily Scott is ‘must have’ for any dog owner who wants help with training their dog.  This video is informative and easy to understand and provides excellent tips and advice for addressing many common problem behaviors.  Price: $49.95 + S&H. 

Price: $49.95





DVD Video:  An Overview of Assistance Dogs in the US.


This is THE most informative, condensed information available, providing a detailed overview of Assistance and Service Dog information and Access in public establishments.  It is a ‘must have’ for any business that serves the public, including corporations, small businesses, city municipalities and transportation companies.  Price: $49.95 + S&H.  Please call us for more information!






Price: $49.95
DVD Presentation:  The Wonderful World of Canine Enrichment

This is a MUST HAVE, informative 45 minute video which will greatly benefit dog trainers, pet dog owners and pet care professionals.  This never-seen-before presentation provides unique tips and advice for providing dogs with enrichment techniques, to prevent unwanted behavior problems such as destructive chewing, barking and separation anxiety.   Price $49.95 + S&H.    Call for more information!

 PriPPPPrice: $49.95Price: $49.95PpPrice: $49.95

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